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Redbull Hardline 2015

Redbull Hardline 2015

Redbull Hardline 2015

Hardline 2015 (111 of 361)

After seeing last years video footage and write ups, I just had to get myself up North to see this mad creation by Dan Atherton. As the days neared I kept an eye on the social media to see how the practice was going and after seeing Dan crash, I will admit I was slightly gutted. I had been looking forward to seeing him ride his own creation, for me he is still one of the most stylish riders out there. Nothing would have been better than seeing him tame this crazy beast of a downhill track that he built right here in Wales.

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Luckily we still had Gee, from what I saw on the Saturday he was the main man. Showing everyone the lines and the only person to put a full run in during the morning practice. To be fair the conditions were not favourable, with wind, rain and low cloud causing this already crazy track to become almost unridable.

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Even the spectators were using anything they could to defend themselves from the Welsh weather.

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At times it seemed as though the bikes had also had enough of the weather, ejecting their riders so they could hunker down on the ground away from the wind 🙂

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Riders kitted up in wet weather gear during the morning practice, checking lines and ground conditions. Confidence in every aspect of this course had to be high before even attempting some of these huge features.

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The event was also sponsored by Jeep, many of their latest models were dotted about the hill, some in showroom condition others were wearing their dirty coats and showing the spectators what a 4×4 should look like in Wales.

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They were also used as the shuttle run vehicles to get the riders to the top of the course. I love the look of bikes hanging over a tailgate.

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Every now and then a rare glimpse of a Jeep could be seen in its natural habitat.

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Gee sending the massive road gap in morning practice. There are gap jumps and then there is this gap jump, easily the biggest I have ever seen. Standing near the take off platform looking down to the landing spot was enough for you to question the riders sanity. Yet each of them made it look easy as the glided their bikes through the air and landed smoothly ready to take on the berm and on to the next feature.

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There was a great vibe throughout the day, Gee and all the riders were taking the time to have photos taken and chat with the spectators.

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Mechanics worked hard all day to keep bikes cleans and make repairs when needed.

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Rachels world cup winning bike was on show, great to see the bike as well as this event in right here in Wales.

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Look carefully and you can see just how huge this jump was. This was taken just after lunch when the sun came out and the track started to dry enough for the riders to put qualifying runs in from half way down.

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Ruaridh Cunningham full beans through the trees..

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Alex Bond popping out of the trees on the final run in to the arena where the New Jeep Renegade was on show.

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Reece Wilson on the kicker out of the trees at the bottom of the run.

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Reece also styling it up for the crowd on the last double of the day. This chap was showing great style all day.

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Adam Brayton for Hope Factory Racing also showing the spectators how to exit the kicker with style.

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To end the day on Saturday, all the riders pushed back up to ride the last section as a train. Giving the crowd their best whips and signing off on a great afternoons action.

Hardline 2015 (106 of 361)-Pano

I already look forward to next year and hopefully can make it for the whole weekend.

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