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Trail Running

Might contain nuts round 2 Brecon Beacons

Might contain nuts round 2 Brecon Beacons

Might contain nuts round 2 in the Brecon Beacons.

I had heard of these events by Might Contain Nuts a while back and had wanted to watch one in progress either here in the Brecon Beacons or the first round in the Black Mountains. I don’t really need an excuse to go for a walk in the hills but one always helps. I also wanted to gain more images for my people in the landscape project, so one of these events seemed a perfect opportunity.

I have always been in awe of fell and trail runners, it’s a discipline that does not come naturally to me, I have tried to get into running a few times but I either become bored of it or my body says “no thank you”. Recently, I started to run a little away from the roads and I actually find it easier and more interesting. Hopefully I will continue with this and become a stronger runner, yet after watching the event today, I can not see how I would ever gain this kind of fitness. I was just amazed at these men and women, passing me after already completing quite some distance, they continued to chat as if they were just out for a little stroll in the park. Watching them run up the hills is pretty impressive, yet watching them storm down them like mountain goats is something else. How they can maintain the speed and not turn an ankle or worse is beyond me, the strength, running style and commitment is commendable.

I look forward to watching another of these events, although next time it will not be on the Central Beacons. I love this whole area but it is not a place for me to be during normal working hours. When I walk the hills before sunrise or during sunset I see very few people and thats how I like it. Todays walk was tainted for me due to the sheer numbers on the hills, I am pleased that others enjoy what many of us take for granted in the area but the constant noise and ant like trains pouring up and down the paths just isn’t for me.

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