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Aberystwyth DH

Conquer the Mountain 2015

Conquer the Mountain 2015

Conquer the mountain downhill race at Aberystwyth.

As many of you know I like to ride as well as take photographs and this is one race I would quite like to have a go at. Unfortunately with recent illness and lack of time with our new arrival I have ridden very little this last 8 weeks and didn’t fancy launching myself down the hill in-front of hundreds of spectators when I could count the amount of hours in the saddle on one hand.

So, this led to one other option, grab the camera and head to Aberystwyth with the family. After hauling the pram up what I can only describe as a sheep track clinging onto the side of a mountain. I set the wife and little man up on a grassy bank and positioned myself on a 90 degree corner which looked like a place where riders would get wild and loose. I then spent a good half hour getting covered in dust and hoping that my cheeky position wouldn’t result with a stone cracking my lens.

I then ran up to the top of the hill and worked my way back down grabbing images as I descended. The weather was perfect and on a day like it was there is no better place to be. It was great to see the diversity of not only the riders but also the spectators. As I walked the track it was evident that many of the spectators were not cyclists let alone downhill fans. Yet they were immersing themselves in the event and giving just as much encouragement as the rest.

I now look forward to next year and will have to make the decision whether to race or take photos again.

CLICK HERE for a link to my images on Roots and Rain

Aber downhill (95 of 435)-Pano


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