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BCXC Round 3

BCXC Series Round 3 from Fforest Fields, Builth Wells.

BCXC Series Round 3 from Fforest Fields, Builth Wells.

Sunsine, bikes, big climbs, steep downhills and a great campsite can only mean that it will be a great weekend of racing.

I decided to pop over to Builth to meet the KTM Impsport team to catch up and grab some shots of them racing. As one of their sponsors I try to meet them when I can to take pictures and help promote them and the ever growing KTM bikes.

The track was riding well with pretty much no standing water or mud. Which was lucky as the A line was proving to be tricky even in the dry. Knowing that this was going to cause a few of the riders some issues, it just had to be the place for me to prey on the poor souls with my camera. There were plenty going off course, hitting the trees and even riding rodeo style down the hill, much to the joy of the surrounding spectators. Although this is fun to watch (providing no one gets injured) I have decided to spare the fallen and held the pictures back 🙂

As a whole there was some amazing riding and racing was on point as always in this British series. Couple this with an amazing venue/campsite (Fforest Fields) it was a perfect weekend.

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